Twin Flame Tarot Spread: 5 Easy and Accurate Templates

A twin flame relationship is arguably the most complex (and often most distressing) type of soul connection. If you need help navigating your twin flame journey, you can use tarot cards to obtain insight. Generally, twin flame tarot readings can help you find clarity and explore your twin flame connection.

Many easy and accurate tarot spreads are available for twin flame readings, such as the Holistic Twin Flame tarot spread and Getting the Most Out of This Lifetime spread. The Twin Flame Dynamic spread, Twin Flame Energy spread, and the Twin Soul spread are some other helpful tarot spread options you can use.

If you’re an experienced tarot reader, you can create a twin flame tarot spread of your own to ensure a reading that suits your needs. You might also want to take note of certain tarot cards that prove to react more with twin flame energies. Doing so will guarantee a more insightful twin flame reading.

5 Easy and Accurate Twin Flame Tarot Spreads

Not everyone has the opportunity to reunite with their twin flame on earth and begin their twin flame journey. If you’re one of the blessed ones to meet your other half once again, you might have numerous questions about your twin flame relationship.

As one of the most tedious (arguably the most) spiritual journeys an individual can endure, you need all the guidance you can receive. As stated earlier, tarot cards can significantly help in this aspect.

Tarot spreads play a vital role in tarot readings. Each tarot spread has a unique design tailored for a specific matter or issue. Below are some twin flame tarot spreads with guide questions you might find helpful if you’re exploring your twin flame connection.

  1. Holistic Twin Flame Tarot Spread

holistic twin flame

Guide Questions:

  • Position 1: What’s my purpose in my twin flame’s life?
  • Position 2: What’s my twin flame’s purpose in my life?
  • Position 3: How are we connected in our past lives?
  • Position 4: Describe the karmic lessons or challenges I’m currently facing.
  • Position 5: What karmic lessons or challenges is my twin flame going through?
  • Position 6: What can the Divine tell me about the soul contract between me and my twin flame?
  • Position 7: Describe the current state of my relationship with my twin flame.
  • Position 8: What’s the possible outcome of our twin flame relationship?
  1. Getting the Most Out of This Lifetime – Twin Flame Tarot Spread

getting the most out of this lifetime

Guide Questions:

  • Position 1: Describe our twin flame energy.
  • Position 2: What’s our spiritual mission in this lifetime?
  • Position 3: What significant lesson should we learn in this lifetime?
  • Position 4: How can we apply these lessons to live a purposeful life?
  • Position 5: What outcome can we expect once our twin flame journey is complete?
  • Position 6: What must we do to strengthen our twin flame connection?
  • Position 7: How can we heighten our twin flame vibration?
  • Position 8: My twin flame and I are mirrors of each other. What’s my twin flame trying to let me see about myself?
  • Position 9: How can I help my twin flame achieve enlightenment and become the best version of themselves?
  1. Twin Flame Dynamic Tarot Spread

twin flame dynamic

Guide Questions:

  • Position 1: Where am I emotionally and spiritually at the moment?
  • Position 2: Where’s my twin flame emotionally and spiritually right now?
  • Position 3: What core issue should we both address to move forward in our twin flame journey?
  • Position 4: What advice can the Divine impart to resolve the problems we’re facing?
  • Position 5: How can we make progress from here?
  1. Twin Flame Energy Tarot Spread

twin flame energy

Guide Questions:

  • Position 1: Describe our overall twin flame energy.
  • Position 2: How am I affecting our overall twin flame energy?
  • Position 3: How does my twin affect our overall twin flame energy?
  • Position 4: How do I perceive my twin?
  • Position 5: How does my twin flame regard me?
  • Position 6: What do I think about our twin flame relationship?
  • Position 7: How does my twin flame view our twin flame relationship?
  • Position 8: What do I contribute to our twin flame relationship?
  • Position 9: What does my twin contribute to our twin flame relationship?
  • Position 10: What challenges am I facing from our twin flame connection?
  • Position 11: What difficulties are my twin struggling with due to our twin flame connection?
  • Position 12: What do I wish for in our twin flame relationship?
  • Position 13: What does my twin flame desire in our relationship?
  • Position 14: Describe the possible outcome of our twin flame journey.
  1. Twin Soul Tarot Spread

twin soul tarot spread

Guide Questions:

  • Position 1: What effect do my twin flame and I have on each other?
  • Position 2: How can we help each other achieve personal growth?
  • Position 3: What lessons (karmic or not) should we learn together?
  • Position 4: How would these lessons help us in our twin flame journey?
  • Position 5: How can we raise our twin flame vibration?
  • Position 6: What can my twin flame and I learn from each other?

How to Design a Twin Flame Tarot Spread of Your Own

  1. Determine the Purpose of the Tarot Reading

spread out cards

Before you design your tarot spread, you must first determine why you wish to do a tarot reading. Knowing your purpose and having a specific goal in mind is vital to ensure that your tarot spread design will help you achieve your objectives.

There are numerous facets to a twin flame connection you can explore. You can design a tarot spread covering various aspects like the Holistic Twin Flame tarot spread mentioned above or focus on a specific theme. Below are some topics you might find interesting.

  • Characteristics of your twin flame energy
  • How to know if you’ve found your twin flame
  • How to confirm if someone is your twin flame
  • How to find your twin flame
  • How to heal your twin flame connection
  • Signs of twin flame reunion
  • Signs of twin flame awakening
  • What to do during the twin flame chaser and runner phase
  1. Make a List of Questions

making list

Making an organized list of queries will help you manage your thoughts and ensure that you won’t leave out anything. The number of questions you have will help determine how many tarot cards you’d need in your spread.

  1. Design the Layout of Your Tarot Spread

layout tarot cards

Before you design the layout of your spread, you must first learn more about the general principles of design. First is emphasis or balance. The rule of thumb in tarot spreads is that the card position that attracts your attention first holds the most significant meaning.

If no particular card or group of cards catches your attention, it means the tarot spread highlights balance. A balanced tarot spread means all the cards are equally important in the reading. Other design principles you need to note are symmetry, spacing, and repetition.

Twin Flame Tarot Cards You Need to Know

The Lovers

tarot the lovers

Generally, the Lovers card signifies love and harmony in relationships. Seeing this card in a tarot reading means you’re building meaningful relationships with others. You can view this card as a positive sign that someone who matches with you intellectually and spiritually is indeed your twin flame.


temperance card

Balance, purpose, moderation, and patience are some of the words associated with the Temperance card. This card depicts an angel pouring water between two cups, signifying alchemy. In a twin flame tarot reading, you can think of this card as a sign that you and your twin flame are about to reunite in this lifetime.

Ace of Cups

ace of cups

The Ace of Cups represents new relationships and compassion. This card tells you that you’re about to experience Divine love. You can view the Ace of Cups as an affirmation that you’d soon meet your twin flame.

Six of Cups

six of cups

The Six of Cups implies revisiting the past. The past in this context can also refer to one’s past lives. It’s significant to note that twin flames share several past lives but don’t necessarily meet every lifetime.

Seeing this card in a twin flame reading is a possible sign of synchronicity. The twin flame energy present in you can help you regain memories from your previous lifetimes with your twin.