Free 10 Minute Psychic Reading by Phone – Without a Catch?

Psychics are gifted individuals that possess extra-sensory perception (ESP). Through psychic readings, they assist people in their soul journey by providing them guidance, enlightenment, and advice. Nowadays, one can get a psychic reading via online chat, email, video chat, or phone.

One of the few psychic networks that provide free 10-minute phone readings includes Oranum. Other well-known sites such as Keen, Psychic Access, Psychic Source, Kasamba, and Hollywood Access offer free psychic readings for only three or six minutes. However, some of these networks charge their clients only as low as $1 per minute or $1.99 for 10 minutes .

Because of the many options available, it’s advisable to read customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials beforehand to secure a holistic and quality reading from the right psychic. You can get to know some of the most trusted psychic networks below.

Where to Get Free 10-Minute Psychic Readings by Phone

Comaprison of psychic companies


Oranum is one of the largest and most well-known spiritual communities in the world. They offer clients live chat services with their trusted psychics and spiritual advisors 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

One unique feature of Oranum is its live video chats. Here, you have an opportunity to chat with professional psychic advisors for 10 minutes for free. This feature, called demo reading, allows you to get to know the psychic before booking them for a more in-depth reading.

Demo readings are quite beneficial. It allows you to assess if you’re compatible with the psychic advisor and helps you determine if you have similar energy with them. After all, aside from reading reviews and testimonials, another tip in choosing a good psychic is to assess if you have similar energy with them.

After communicating with your preferred spiritual advisor via live video chat, you can proceed and request a full-length private reading through video, voice, or text message. The cost for psychic readings varies and mostly depends on the psychic advisor.

In a psychic reading, the psychic advisor will tune into the energy of their client to receive information about their past, present, and future. Therefore, their free live chat readings ensure a more insightful reading.

Oranum’s psychics and spiritual advisors have different areas of specialization. Some are experts on love and relationships, dream interpretation, astrology, or numerology, while others specialize in reading the tarot, palm reading, or spiritual healing. Given their vast selection of excellent psychic advisors, you can choose the psychic that best fits you.

Other Networks that Offer Psychic Readings at Low Prices

Psychic Access

Despite being established only in 2005, Psychic Access became well-known because of its excellent and trusted psychics. It’s one of the few psychic networks with a rigorous screening process. Their team is composed of crystal ball readers, tarot readers, crystal healers, and dream interpreters, to name a few.

Aside from their highly-rated psychics, they offer readings via chat, phone, and video calls. Moreover, their phone service is accessible in at least 194 countries.

Psychic Access also has a reputation for having affordable rates. On the first registration, the client will get six-minute readings for free. Regular rates, on the other hand, mostly range between $3 to $5 per minute.

Psychic Source

Founded in 1989, Psychic Source is one of the pioneers of the online psychic community. Similar to Oranum, it has a broad selection of advisors from love and career psychics to clairaudients, clairsentients, clairvoyants, and pet psychics.

Psychic Source is known for its intensive screening process to ensure that their clients will receive guidance from only the most certified psychics. They offer their new customers three-minute readings for free, and most of their psychic advisors charge only $1 per minute.


Prominent for providing customers with psychic readings, mediumship readings, as well as love and relationship advice, Keen has been in the industry for more than two decades. They offer their new clients free three-minute psychic readings, and the majority of their psychic advisors charge $1.99 for 10-minute sessions.

Psychic advisors in Keen have a wide range of specialties, but most are known for their expertise in love and relationships, life questions , astrology, tarot readings, and spiritual readings. Note that there’s no option for video calls because Keen only offers psychic readings via chat or phone.


Like Keen, Kasamba has been in the online psychic business for over 20 years. They offer tarot readings, love and relationship advice, fortune telling, dream analysis, astrology readings, psychic readings, and career forecasts through email, live chat, and phone.

Kasamba offers its first-time customers free three-minute readings. Regular rates vary per psychic, but in the majority, prices start at $1.99. The more experienced psychic advisors charge up to $30 per minute.

California Psychics

California Psychics has been offering quality readings since 1995. They have advisors who have given more than 10,000 psychic readings. California Psychics only provide readings via phone but at affordable rates (as low as $1 per minute).

Hollywood Psychics

Founded in 2014, Hollywood Psychics is one of the newer psychic networks that offer phone or chat readings for $1 per minute. They also give free three-minute readings to their new clients. Some advisors provide free psychic readings for 10 minutes.

Their team is composed of sex and relationship psychics, angel card readers, dream interpreters, crystal readers, psychic mediums, past life readers, tarot readers, and astrology readers. Because Hollywood Psychics is relatively new compared to its competitors, it’s advisable that you carefully read the profile pages of their psychics when choosing an advisor.

How to Guarantee a Successful Psychic Reading

Know What Kind of Reading You Need

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Before asking for a psychic reading, you must first determine if you wish for a general or specific reading. Some people have particular questions they want to ask about their romantic life, career, family , or their life in general. Such queries might require more in-depth answers or detailed solutions.

There are others who, on the other hand, need general guidance or advice about some aspect of their life. It’s helpful to know which you need between the two for you to make the most out of your psychic reading.

Frame Your Questions Correctly

Psychic advisors can answer almost any question about any area of your life. Thus, it might be tempting to ask all the queries you have in your mind without organizing them.

To ensure a successful reading, however, you need to gather your thoughts and come up with a list of questions. It helps to organize them from the most to the least significant. To do that, you must reflect on which aspect of your life needs immediate attention.

Most times, open-ended questions are preferred rather than the yes-or-no ones. It’s best not to ask leading questions to get the advice or guidance you desire. However, this isn’t always the case.

In free three-minute or 10-minute psychic readings, for example, time is of the essence. The time constraint might prevent the psychic from answering your open-ended questions with more depth. In such cases, you might opt to ask close-ended questions.

Be Open to the Unexpected

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Note that you’ll only acquire what you’re open to receiving. Your fears or doubts are a form of negative energy that can affect the psychic’s overall reading. To ensure a successful reading, you must align with the messages you’ll receive.

You might want to disregard any expectations you have about the session and be open to whatever information you’ll receive. Be open to the unexpected, listen to your inner guidance, and accept whatever message your spirit guides will send you.

Clear Your Mind and Get Rid of Distractions

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Psychics tune into your energies to receive information about your past, present, and future. Because they mainly work with energies, you must be in the right state of body and mind. Having a clear mind will help the psychic connect with you better.

In addition to that, you should get away or get rid of things that might cause a distraction, most especially if you’re opting for a psychic reading via phone. Before the session, do some centering and grounding exercises to stay present and focused.

Know What to Expect

Usually, in phone psychic readings, the psychic will start by getting your name. However, you still have the option to remain anonymous. The psychic will then tune into your energy to know the details about your situation.

As opposed to what you might initially assume, phone readings aren’t that different from face-to-face readings. Some might even argue that phone readings are more advantageous because there’s nothing to distract the psychic. They won’t be able to make random guesses about you based on your appearance, clothing, etc., which ensures a more authentic psychic reading.

If minutes to the phone session and the psychic still hasn’t given you a clear answer to your question, they might not be a professional psychic (or worse, they might be a fraud). In such instances, you can proceed to end the call and ask for a refund. To prevent unwarranted situations like this, you need to make sure that you’re seeking help from psychics from a trusted network.

Lastly, it’s best to keep in mind that psychic advisors can help you find solutions or gain clarity, but merely talking to them won’t make your situation better. You must be proactive because the psychics can only tell you possible outcomes to help you make sound decisions.

Moreover, psychic readings aren’t a substitute for medical help or treatment. They can only sense what might be wrong in your energy, but they can’t make a medical diagnosis or prescribe remedies.

Benefits of Getting a Psychic Reading

Gaining Clarity

It’s easy to get caught in the chaos of our everyday life, and it’s easier to lose ourselves in the uncertainties and anxieties building from it. Psychic advisors can assist you in seeing the bigger picture of things or direct you to the right path you might be straying from.

Communicating with Higher Spiritual Beings

Psychic advisors, specifically psychic mediums, can help you communicate with the spiritual world. If you need guidance from your spirit guides or angels, they can serve as a conduit. They can also deliver messages from your deceased loved ones.

Discerning Possibilities

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There are times when we fail to notice possibilities or solutions to our problems because we’re too focused on our struggles. Psychic readers can help you discern possible outcomes that will assist you in making better decisions.

Obtaining Reassurance, Validation, and Empowerment

Psychic advisors assist people in their spiritual journey. They’ll help you discover or remember your life purpose, boost your morale, and give you the reassurance, validation, and empowerment you need.

Discovering Energy Blocks

Human beings are exposed to both positive and negative energies, and the latter can harm our body, mind, and soul. Sometimes there are blocks in our energy channels because of these energies. Psychic readers can clear energy blocks that might be causing you physical, mental, and emotional stress.

Going Back to Center

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Another benefit of psychic readings is the opportunity to go back to the center, which refers to our physical, emotional, and mental states. Our emotions tend to run amok when we get influenced by our chaotic surroundings. Psychic advisors can help you come back to your center and find calm and peace.

Finding the Best Psychic for You

Before finding a psychic advisor, you must first determine what type of psychic reading you need based on your current circumstances, and then choose a psychic that specializes in that area. It’s also best to consider the psychic’s years of experience and the reviews, feedbacks, and testimonials of their previous clients.

It’s preferable if you can communicate with different psychics before settling into one, so you can assess if you’re receiving the guidance or enlightenment you need. Talking to them before the actual session also helps build trust between the two of you, which is crucial in psychic readings.

One of the most important (and also most undervalued) factors in choosing the best reader is the energetic connection between the client and the psychic. To ensure a successful reading, it helps if you choose a reader that has a similar energy to you.