6 Time-Tested Prayers for Cutting Soul Ties That Work

A soul tie is a unique link that binds two people in mind, body, and spirit, often through vows and commitments or by being physically intimate. The Bible mentions instances similar to the idea of soul ties. These concepts include a man and a woman becoming one in flesh (Genesis) and two souls entwining as a testament of friendship (Samuel).

The relationships mentioned above are examples of healthy soul ties, but there are also unhealthy or ungodly soul ties that must be cut to avoid bringing harm to one or both people involved in the bond. One powerful way to break ungodly soul ties is through offering prayers.

God is an all-powerful, all-knowing, and ever-present being, and He can help you cut a soul tie and heal from the wounds that the bond caused you. It’s best to say a personal prayer to set your clear intentions. You can also use the prayers below to bring hope into your situation.

Best Prayers for Cutting Soul Ties

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Prayer I

Almighty Father, my heart is filled with worry and fretfulness. I recognize the power of soul ties and how they can bind my mind, body, and soul with another person. As I meet new people in my life’s journey, I fear that I entwine myself with someone and forget my real purpose.

I humbly ask You to give me the courage to face my fears and overcome my anxiety. May You help me shun and renounce the possibility of being bound in an ungodly soul tie. May You also aid me in cutting soul ties that prevent me from doing Your will.

You, my Lord, are my strength. I trust in Your sovereign care. Amen.

Prayer II

Lord God, I come to You today, asking You to grant me the wisdom to determine if I have godly or ungodly soul ties. May you give me the courage to change my current predicament by helping me cut myself from any unhealthy soul tie I might have.

In Your most Holy Name, I renounce all vows, commitments, promises, and covenants that I have made, consciously or unconsciously, that helped form the ungodly soul tie. May you send me the Holy Spirit so I can free myself from any evil influence.

Help me yearn for Your Divine grace more than I desire to sin. I trust and will always listen for Your direction. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer III

Merciful Father, I ask for forgiveness, for this sinner offended You. I have strayed from the path You have chosen for me by entangling myself with ungodly relationships.

I’m here, before Your throne, to confess my sins. I have greatly sinned by committing ______. This evil action formed the soul tie I have with (state the name of the person).

What I did was wrong, and I’m sincerely repenting for all my sinful actions. I humbly ask for Your forgiveness. From here onward, I’ll do everything to only walk on the path You have set for me.

May You come into my heart, purify my soul, and help me break these unhealthy soul ties. I believe, Lord, that You will direct my thoughts and help me heal from my tribulations and sufferings. I declare any agreements I made that established the soul tie to be null and void, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer IV

Almighty Father, I’m here before You with an open heart, ready to receive Your will. I can feel myself parting from Your Holy presence because of the ungodly soul tie I have formed with (state the name of the person).

I’m aware of my growing obsession, and I can feel the soul tie’s harmful effects on my overall wellbeing. However, I can’t seem to find the courage and strength to break free from the thorns that bind me.

May You break this spiritual link that binds me with (state the name of the person), for it prevents me from getting closer to You. Help me remember that I’m loved by You and that I must bring honor to Your name. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer V

Heavenly Father, I come in Your grace to ask for Your divine protection. I’m aware of the ungodly soul tie that binds me with this person. The bond makes me overly attached to them, to the point that our relationship became toxic.

I recognize that our bond is distorted. I feel trapped and lost. I find myself being continuously manipulated and deceived. Please give me the strength to walk out of this toxic relationship and cut the cord of loyalty that binds me to (state the name of the person).

Surround me with Your Holy light that can protect me from all evil. Allow me to take refuge and shelter under Your embrace, for You are my protector.

May you grant me the power to know what’s true, do what’s right, and choose to be honorable. I ask this in Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.

Prayer VI

Almighty Father, I would like to offer you my sincerest gratitude. Because of Your grace, I was able to see the soul tie that connects me with (state the name of the person). With Your assistance, I was able to recognize that I must break this ungodly soul tie.

I thank You, Father, for Your goodness and eternal love. I also repent for my sins, both known and unknown, that allowed the ungodly soul tie to form. Forgive me for straying from Your most Holy will.

May You grant me the courage to forgive (state the name of the person) for their part in forming and strengthening this ungodly soul tie as well. I’m now severing this soul tie and cutting any hold this malicious bond has on me. May you also protect me from any unhealthy soul ties that might form in the future. Amen.

Other Ways to Break a Soul Tie

  1. Determine How the Soul Tie was Formed

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There are various types of soul ties, and consequently, they’re formed in different ways. Intellectual soul ties (also called platonic soul ties), for example, are formed when two people share the same principles and beliefs. Such a bond is usually between mentor and student.

True to its word, emotional soul ties are links based on feelings that can be positive, such as love, or negative, such as fear. Spiritual bonds that occur on an emotional level can be between married couples, friends, or parent and child.

The third type of soul ties is based on physical attachments. Soul ties can form when two people do sexual acts. This kind of bond can be a manifestation of love and affection (e.g., between husband and wife), but there are also times when it’s a product of fornication (such as sexual abuse).

To break ungodly soul ties (especially those created because of sinful acts), you must first acknowledge the bond you have with this person. Afterward, it’s best to determine how it was established in the first place. From then, you’ll be able to analyze its nature and act accordingly.

  1. Dispose of Objects Related to this Person

Objects such as gifts given to you by the other party can help strengthen the bond between the two of you. Similar to human beings, material things also hold psychic energy. Therefore, discarding any item related to this person will also help get rid of the significant influence they hold on you.

  1. Think of the Soul Tie as a Physical Cord and Visualize Cutting It

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Visualizing the spiritual bond as a physical rope, tie, or cord that connects you and this person and then proceeding to cut it with any sharp object is one unique way to break a soul tie. You must feel the bond within the soul link and make sure that you release all negative energy as you cut the physical cord you envision.

  1. Book a Consultation with a Spiritual Advisor

A soul tie is one form of soul connection. Spiritual advisors are knowledgeable in this field, and they’ll be able to give you answers to whatever questions you have about this unique bond.

Soul connections, in general, are complex concepts. The idea itself transcends logical and practical explanations. It doesn’t help that each type of soul connection has a specific purpose; hence, dealing with them can be quite confusing, and at times, beyond overwhelming.

Final Thoughts

It’s of utmost importance to understand the nature of soul ties before proceeding to break your bond with one (or more) person. Professional spiritual advisors who specialize in soul ties and all types of soul connections can aid you in dealing with ungodly (as well as one-sided) soul ties.

Unhealthy soul ties can bring you harm, which can be trivial, life-threatening, or both. If you recognize the signs of ungodly soul ties, it’s advisable to seek immediate spiritual help.